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If you'd like to bring the Montessori based approach into your home, this is the easiest way to do it. Sign up now and get started next week!

Get 2-3 lessons emailed right to your inbox each week, created by a MACTE-certified Montessori teacher. All lessons are designed for the exact age of your child (in months) and most materials used are items you can find around the home. 

Lessons Right In Your Inbox

Every month you'll also get a 3-4 page monthly guide, written for your child's specific age, that provides guidance on how to introduce age-appropriate practical life skills, like cleaning, food prep, and getting dressed. This will be similar to other milestone guides you've seen but Montessori specific.

Monthly Practical Life Guide

All lessons are sent right to your inbox so you never need to log into the online platform if you don't want to. However, it's there so you can view your previous lessons, bonus activities, printables, and more.

Online Platform

Who This Program Is For.

Why Join Our Program?

Foster Independence

Dr. Maria Montessori understood that children have a deep desire to be independent and confident in their own abilities. All lessons are designed to develop the fine and gross motor skills, as well as the knowledge needed, to be able to do as much independently as possible.

From  a very young age children are capable (and often very interested) in practical life activities around the home, like cooking and cleaning. We provide simple lessons to foster a lifelong interest in these skills.

A growth mindset is essential to success in life. It's the concept that learning a new skill takes time and practice, and letting go of the expectation that we should be good at something right away.  

Through repetition of these lessons, children will understand that it's okay to make mistakes and that mistakes are an opportunity for problem-solving and learning. This also helps to develop an intrinsic motivation to learn and follow their interests.

Learn Practical Life Skills

Develop A Growth Mindset

phone. 866-901-4696


Katie Lannaman is the creator of our program. She holds an Infant Toddler Montessori Diploma (MACTE) and is a Registered Early Childhood Educator.  

She is an unbelievable educator, incredibly patient and tender with the children, and has 15+ years in the classroom.

A Message From Katie

"I'm thrilled to be bringing Montessori to so many families in this new and exciting way!

Dr. Montessori dedicated her life to studying the "whole child", from their developmental needs to their unique interests, and created an educational methodology that has been practiced for over 100 years.  I truly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to have their potential recognized and to develop a love of learning.  I've seen firsthand, working in a Montessori Pre-Casa/Toddler Classroom for many years, how this approach allows children to thrive.  I look forward to being on this journey with you!  

I am confident that families will love this program.  I just wish I could see the joy on parents and their children's faces as they master each skill!  When working in a classroom, my 3 favourite words to hear exclaimed are, "I did it!"  There is nothing quite like a child celebrating that they have done something for themselves and by themselves for the first time.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do."

Meet the Teacher


How It Works.


Early Bird Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions.


You can probably find almost all of our activities online BUT it's just going to be so much work to research, plan, and organize it all. I know as a parent, we have a never ending to-do list. That's why we made this program as simple as possible, we want parents to actually be able to do it, not just hope to do it someday.

Also, our curriculum and activities are created by a Montessori-certified teacher (and teacher of teachers at the Montessori Teachers College).  This isn't just someone passionate about Montessori or someone that's used it only in their own home, it's someone who's worked with hundreds of children and knows how to apply the lessons in many different scenarios.

Why would I pay for this stuff when I can probably find it online for free?

Does it matter if I live in a different timezone?

No! You can join from anywhere in the world and carry out the activities whenever you want. Our only suggestion is that do you them in order, as the program is laid out based on the actual Montessori curriculum for infants and toddlers.

Why is the program so inexpensive?

The program is significantly cheaper than most at-home Montessori programs because, rather than creating a full-day or more intensive program, we've created a simpler version.

Our Montessori-certified teacher, Katie has distilled the infant and toddler Montessori curriculum down to focus on just the most important parts. Your child still gets all the benefits of a Montessori program without spending 40+ hours/week and $1000+/month.

Dr. Maria Montessori developed her educational approach while working in a home for children with physical and mental disabilities. She had very little time or resources for each child, yet this group was still thriving.

She saw the progress that these children had with the her approach and her dream was to bring this educational model to all children. Our goal is in keeping with Dr. Montessori's dream and simple but effective methodology.

I'm not very tech savvy, how hard is this going to be for me?

Not hard at all! If you can use email, you can join. All the lessons will be emailed out and you can access the video and written instructions right in your inbox. There's no other software to learn.

I have multiple children. Do I have to buy the program for each child?

The program is structured to follow the actual Montessori curriculum for infants and toddlers. It will not run indefinitely but instead will begin at 3 months and end when the child turns 3, although you can join at any time.

If you buy the program for your 2 year old and stay with it until they complete the program at age 3, you can re-use that content for any younger children. You won't have to re-purchase when a younger child is the right age.

That being said, if you enrol more than one child at the same time (different ages), we're offering 50% off the monthly price for a second child. Go here to sign up with two children >

Can you send me all the materials for the program?

You will get all digital materials, like flashcards and printouts. 

We are currently trying to figure out a way to offer the program with materials so I'll let you know if that changes. However the program has been designed to use mainly materials you likely already have around the house or can easily get.  Most of Montessori early lessons are focused on practical life - cleaning, fine motor skills, etc, no need for fancy materials. We will also be sending out a materials list a week in advance so you will have plenty of time to purchase anything you need.


Contact Us.

If you have any questions or comments, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us at 866-901-4696.

You can join the program now and start as early as the following Monday.

If you sign up this week, we're offering discounted pricing for anyone that's signs up now.

We're still working to revise and improve the program and we know they'll be a bit of a learning curve, as we're just starting out, so it's our way of saying "thanks for your patience!"

Early Bird Pricing

Monthly Costs Will NEVER Go Up

Note that the current monthly fee is only $19/month but we will be increasing the cost of the program in the future, once the program is finalized. 

However, if you sign up now, your monthly cost will NEVER go up. You are grandfathered in at this price (if you stay in the program).

Cancel Anytime

There's ZERO COMMITMENT TO STAY IN THE PROGRAM. You can stay join us for a month or all 3 years! It's totally up to you. You can cancel online at any point.

We also offer a money back guarantee for the first month. If you join and you’re not happy (after the first month), just send us an email and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

"Omg, I literally cried watching Katie’s video opening those little boxes with the animals in them. This is so so special. She’s magical. It’s such a privilege and an honour to value and cherish the small things that amaze children. At such a dark time in the world, we are so fortunate to have the luxury of raising babies. It’s so much fun. I’m SO excited!!!!!"

Montessori Parent


"The demonstration/video brought to life the words in the instructions. Showing how to breakdown the task to smaller bite size pieces and slower pace were helpful to me."

What Other Parents Are Saying.


Montessori Parent

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great programme. I wanted to let you know how invaluable the at home lessons programme and tips have been from The Montessori Room, especially in recent times of lockdowns. We are so proud of our little one and how she has come along since starting them at 15 months, she is now 18 months and mastered the art of the jacket flip a long with many other practical life skills- now she loves putting her jacket on all the time .. even when we’re not going out!"

Montessori Parent


"I'm part of a lot of different Monte-inspired groups and homeschool programs, and this is by far the easiest to navigate and actually implement. I really appreciate the simplicity and less-is-more, minimalistic approach."


Montessori Parent


We designed this program to be easy enough for anyone interested in Montessori to join.

We understand that you have other commitments, children, or caregiving responsibilities. You don't have time for 30+ hours/week of focused eduction for each child, as much as you might want to be able to do that!


Curious about what exactly the lessons will be like?

Who We Are.

Before I introduce the wonderful teacher of our program, let me introduce myself. My name is Laura and I'm the owner of The Montessori Room. I'm a huge Montessori advocate and truly believe a Montessori-based approach is the such a great way to raise children.

I helped Katie put together this program because I love teaching my son with the Montessori approach but sometimes I'm so exhausted at the end of the day, I don't have the energy to research and plan this stuff each night.

Katie's approach makes it so easy for anyone to do Montessori at home, even if you're working full time.

Promote independence

Encourage a love of learning

Teach care for the environment (both around your home and outdoors)

Develop fine and gross motor skills

Show parents how to incorporate Montessori into everyday life

And so much more, all for less than $2/lesson!

Give Your Child The Right Start With Our Montessori At-Home Program

Our easy and affordable Montessori program will:

Who It's NOT For

Anyone looking for a full-day curriculum for their child(ren)

Those who want to setup the perfect Montessori classroom in their home or buy a ton of Montessori materials. This program uses mainly items around the home and focuses on practical life.

Who It's For

2-3 hours/week

An email address

A child between the ages of 3 months and 3 years

Parents or caregivers that have: